The Website Installer positioned in our ULYCOMM.NET Online Control Panel provide you with a quick and easy solution to create a fresh website with a custom appearance in under 5 minutes. It just takes just 4 easy steps for your site to be on the Internet. It’s possible to pick from more than 200 readily available website templates and as soon as it’s prepared, you’re able to handle your brand–new website with a click of the mouse. We are going to give you sign–in data for the administrator’s area and you should be able to start including brand–new site pages right away. If, at any time, you need guidance – the computer team members will be available 24x7x365, willing to aid you.

The Website Installer is available each cloud hosting, VPS web hosting, Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages, and dedicated servers hosting offer coming using the ULYCOMM.NET Online Control Panel.

An Instant Site Installation Tool

Publish your site with simply a mouse click

If you aren’t experienced in site coding, it might be really difficult for you to control a site installation all by yourself – if you do not utilize point–n–click site generation tools just like our fast Website Installer that’s included in the Online Control Panel. To utilize the application, you simply need to select a layout template for your site and afterwards set it up with just a click. You don’t have to have virtually any coding understanding to jumpstart your website. You can include unique webpages and publish text and photos with them truly conveniently. If you don’t like the modification you have made you can revert it and repeat the process. It’s all quite simple to manage.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

More than 200 Website Templates

More than two hundred web page templates are at hand

We have made over 200 different templates that can be used for your personal web sites. Because we haven’t made available all of these web themes away from our own Online Control Panel, only the customers can make the most of them. The themes themselves are meticulously produced to suit all kinds of web sites – from personal weblogs and portfolio web sites to web stores and image galleries.

We’re consistently focusing on releasing brand new web templates as well.

200+ Free Templates

Get In Touch with Us round the clock for Help

The tech experts on duty night and day

We have been in the hosting sector for some time now and have a department of qualified professionals to help you out with any challenge you could face with your web site(s). Moreover, you can easily reference the Frequently Asked Questions plus the amazing array of how–to video lessons that cover the most often inquired queries and provide solutions to the most widespread challenges. Using our one–hour answer–back time warranty that we trim down to twenty minutes in non–hectic hours, you’ll get well–timed service anytime.

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